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Frequently Asked Questions

If a provider performs a self audit how should they notify the Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC)?
If a provider does a self-audit and identifies improper payments, the provider should report the improper payments to the appropriate Medicare claims processing contractor. The exact information necessary for the self referral can be determined by contacting your local carrier, FI or MAC (your claim processing contractor).

There are two types of self audits. One is commonly called a voluntary refund and is claim based. If the required claim information is included along with the amount of the improper payment, the claim will be adjusted by the claim processing contractor. The RAC will be aware of the adjustment, but the refund does not preclude future review.

The second type of self audit may involve the use of extrapolation. If extrapolation is used the claim processing contractor will review the case file to determine if it is acceptable. The claim processing contractor will accept or deny the extrapolation for the issue identified by the provider. If the claim processing contractor accepts the extrapolation, those claims in the universe will be excluded from RAC review.

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If a provider has performed a self-audit prior to RAC review and want to extrapolate these findings, will all these claims included in a self-audit be excluded from RAC review?
If a provider self-discloses a payment error and the Claims Processing Contractor confirms that a payment error exists and the sampling/extrapolation methodology used was correct, then these claims will not be reviewed by the RAC. The claims processing contractor will exclude the self-disclosed claims in the RAC data warehouse.

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How will the Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC) determine which claims to review?
The RACs will use their own proprietary software and systems as well as their knowledge of Medicare rules and regulations to determine what areas to review.

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If I receive a demand letter from a Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) because a service didnít meet Medicareís medical necessity criteria for an inpatient level of service, can we re-bill all the services on an outpatient claim?
Providers can re-bill for Inpatient Part B services, also known as ancillary services, but only for the services on the list in the Benefit Policy Manual. That list can be found in Ch. 6, Section 10: Rebilling for any service will only be allowed if all claim processing rules and claim timeliness rules are met. There are no exceptions to the rules in the national program. The time limit for re-billing claims is 15-27 months from the date of service. These normal timely filing rules can be found in the Claims Processing Manual, Chapter 1, Section 70:

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Will the Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC) review evaluation and management (E&M) services on outpatient hospital claims?


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